Winners and a Writing Tip on Time

This was the strangest giveaway. Last time, I had to pick from a hat and turn away tons of people who didn’t get picked. I hated that, or so I thought. This time, I can award spots in the course to all three of my commentators–and I know (from my tracking) that a bunch of other folks came by but left no calling card. Not sure what to make of that. I know times are rough, but this was a FREE class.

I have had students say that they were not at all sure about learning via telephone at first, but my classes are warm and fun, and we get a lot of great thinking and writing done, too. So people who try it, even with reservations, come to like it.

Anyway, there’ll be other offers. Meanwhile, though, I’m thrilled with Kimberely and C(h)ristine — who both have great web sites — and a favorite client of mine, Gretchen, who’s writing a soon-to-be-bestseller that is also a very important book. Congratulations to the three of you. You’re joining a fine little group and we are going to write some excellent sentences. Yes, sentences.

You know where that leads . . . paragraphs . . . stories . . . whole novels . . .

Last week we ended up working on techniques for introducing characters. Ever stumbled across a line in a story that leaves you gut-punched? We take lines like those and break them down, imitate them, build the muscles to make our own knock-out prose. It sounds simple, and it is simple. Not easy. But straight-forward and worthwhile.

All right. So get in touch with me, my winners. Sometimes just playing the game is all you have to do! And for the rest of you lurkers, I have a tidal wave of new insights. But I’m saving those for a morning writing session. Afternoons, the bamboo out my window flickers hypnotically, and every rustle lulls me toward a nap.

Pick your time for writing. There, that’s a great writing tip. Give it your very best time–mornings, for me–and relegate everything else to those times when the muse would have to shout to get your attention.

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  1. Woohoo! I’m one of those that ‘never wins anything’. Not any more!
    I will check in via email to see how I need to prepare. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Happy Writer’s Dance,

  2. That’s a great writing tip, Elizabeth — pick your writing time! It is simple, but precisely what I don’t do. So — mornings for me. Yahoo, Facebook, bills, errands, must wait. I swear.

  3. @Kimberely–You do so much for writers; you deserve to have your writer supported, too!
    @C(h)ristine–I am excited, too. “See” you tomorrow.
    @Harriet–I am pleased and amazed that I could be of help to you. Yes, I think writing first is really the only way to get it in there. But that’s me. If someone was a night person, that would be the time to give to writing.

  4. Okay. I am TOTALLY loving the workshop. One hour is just perfect. I wish I wish I wish I could participate in the dialogue workshop bc my dialogue needs WORK!


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