Three Plot Tips: Writing to the End

typewriterThree Plot Tips:
1) Ask, what do my characters (or I) expect to happen now? Make something utterly different happen.
2) Ask, what was true in the beginning of my book? What was the status quo? How is that changing? What would challenge that more? What would turn it on its head?
3) Ask, what else is going on, underneath what is going on? What else might be revealed? What do I assume? How might what I (or my characters) assume be absolutely not true?

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  1. Elizabeth, I LOVE your blog. WOW!!! so many tips for the writer.

    I’m sixty-three, and I’ve written short stories all of my life. Many have become memoirs/essays or added to memoirs. Today, as I stare at the computer screen, click on the “My Book” folder, I find too many unfinished stories.

    Earlier in my life, I had plan to publish, but received too many discouraging letters, so I decided, “Well, I’ll write my life story and leave it as a legacy for my daughter and granddaughter. But, then again, you wonder, “Why”? My two loves, even at this last stage of my life, are writing, research, and genealogy.

    In any event, I love to write or as they say, “I live to write.” I’m also a researcher/genealogist. Researching came with the job of managing/supervising detectives – wrote a couple of technical manuals, never published.

    A friend, published author, sent me an invitation to “Book Marketing.” I’m still working my way around the site. However, one friend’s acception led me to your site/blog. I’ve attended so many “how to write non-fiction” classes and attending classes over the internet for decades that I’m about to burst with knowledge. To have said all that, I would like to say I find your blog a breath of fresh air. Possibly, I’m ready to get down to business???

    Enough already . . . I mainly wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog. Have a nice day darlin’.


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