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Welcome to the Book Writing World

Life-transforming Support for Writers at all levels.

Dreaming about a book or thick in the middle of a draft?

Revising, polishing, promoting?

At each level of the often circuitous process, the Book Writing World (BWW) keeps writers on track, achieving goals, and writing their best work.

Benefits. Imagine yourself with:
* a completed, publishable book;
* a writing habit you can sustain;
* a compelling and realized creative life.

The Book Writing World provides:
* accountability and structure
* a community of dedicated writers led by a published novelist/ passionate teacher
* craft lessons and inspiration to super-charge your writing
through phone classes, podcasts and online forums.
Plus, membership entitles you to discounts on professional coaching and products and ecourses.

You get:
* Weekly lessons (phone call/ podcast/ text) on craft in the areas of planning, writing, revising your book.
*Weekly goal setting (chat, forum).
* Weekly coaching (call/ chat) for goal achievement and writing success from start to sale of your book.
* Community Forum with optional daily update motivation: publicly track your accomplishments.
* Discounts on e-courses and other offerings.

Membership will open briefly in the early spring (March/ April). Stay in the loop: send an email to get on my short list for the BWW membership offer.

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