poppiesAs we wrap up 2009, I want to congratulate all of my clients and the members of my Book Writing World. They all accomplished so much, and it’s a pleasure and an honor to watch their writing life unfold, week by week. Here is what some folks shared about 2009:

Gretchen Atwood:

As a friend said, “2009 was the year of taking it to the next level”… I published an article related to my book in the LA Weekly. I was interviewed for and quoted in a Sports Illustrated article related to my book topic — the integration of pro football in 1946.

After much work on my nonfiction book proposal six of the agents I sent it to offered representation. I signed with one (from a mid-sized agency in Manhattan) this week.

Thanks for your support–editorial and otherwise!–in reaching these goals.

Judith Nasse:

The Private Coaching and Editing group has become even more than I expected. It has reinforced my confidence as a writer, I am constantly learning new aspects of the craft, and I am enjoying working with my new writing friends. It really feels like I’m in a fun, intimate graduate school.

My accomplishments: I’ve learned the value of re-write as I re-wrote the novel two times, and am now in the third and deeper re-write. In 2009 I unconsciously switched my ambition from telling a good story to writing the best piece of literature possible while telling a good story.

Devi Laskar:

I finished NaNoWriMo again and finished a working draft of my novel, Mrs. Lahiri’s Victory Garden. And I managed to finish my poetry mss and send it out. And I’ve had 2 poems out this year. One in the Squaw Valley Review and one in the North American Review.

James Black:

One of my poems, titled “A View from January or February,” was published in Anon, an Edinburgh-based journal that has an anonymous selection process (thus, the name). I’m really pleased that the editors focused on my work rather than judging me for what I have or haven’t published before.

Overall, I’ve sent out more manuscripts than I have in a long time and am starting to develop a more healthy attitude about rejection–mainly, that it’s rarely personal, and when it is personal, that says more about the editor’s lack of professionalism than anything else.

I’ve also made strides in developing a deliberate approach to writing practice. Before the Book Writing Cycle, I had the will to write but felt scattered. I’ve benefited from the weekly calls and online course environment. The regular assignments push me to stay on a schedule, but if I get busy with work or life, I can access assignments and get back on track. The course provides a great mix of consistency and flexibility.

I could say so much more about you. All fabulous.

Judith Marshall:

My novel, Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever, was published

by Kelso Books.  It has received twelve 5-star reviews on Amazon so far.

Renee Hahn:

My story “Bewitched”, a story from my memoir-in-progress called Canton, Ohio, was a runner up in Open City’s 2009 RRofihe Trophy Short Story Contest. Elizabeth, your clear, intelligent feedback helped shape the revisions I did to this work. Thank you!


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